Annoucement: Young Scholars Extended Day Tennis

TUESDAYS 1st and 2nd SESSION for grades K-2 ( 15 classes – $105.00)

These classes will incorporate basic motor skills used in tennis and expand into multiple skills used at once for tennis play. We will use different types of movement (shuffling side to side, rapid footwork and direction changes) and coordination of hand, eye, and footwork together. There will be some forehand, backhand, and volley instruction and an introduction to rallying.

FRIDAY 1st SESSION for grades 3-5 (9 classes – $63.00)

These classes will expand on the basics of motor skills and coordination. We will use more live play drills while perfecting forehand, backhand and volley strokes. We will introduce overheads as a precursor to serving.

About Andy Mast

I started playing tennis in May 2010. I play about 10 hours a week if weather permits. I love tennis, I play hard and love to compete. I prefer Wilson brand rackets. I use a semi-western grip and a two-handed backhand.
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